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Wholesale Half Skirt Half Shorts Supplier

Our Guarantee

Reputation guarantee
100+ brand cooperation experience
Perfect garment OEM factory system, perfect production process, perfect production equipment.
100+ brand clothing production experience, cooperation experience of major brands, with many long-term cooperation customers.

Quality Assurance
Fabrics are inspected by layers to ensure quality
Control from raw materials, fabrics are directly supplied by large manufacturers, fabric quality is stable, QC team inspects goods according to standards, ISO9001 quality certification, just to ensure the quality of each product.

Guarantee of delivery time
Emphasis on communication, ensure quality, on-time delivery, strictly keep promises
Every link has a professional order taker to communicate and control carefully, and trained order takers work efficiently to ensure on-time shipment and delivery of goods to customers within the scheduled time.

Production capacity guarantee
Monthly output of 200,000 pieces, super productivity and guaranteed supply of goods
The factory has 200 bays, and the production capacity is very strong, producing all kinds of functional garment products, such as lace, knitting, woven, chiffon, etc. The division of labor is meticulous. The monthly production capacity reaches 200,000 pieces (sets), which can ensure the sufficient supply of goods and guarantee the supply.

Service guarantee
After-sales service, so that you can rest assured that there is no worry
Professional customer service 7*24 hours online, fast response, attentive service.

Logistics company long-term cooperation, distribution of goods fast, and real-time tracking to ensure the safety of goods.

Due to the quality of the clothing itself, the merchant can enjoy 30 days replacement.

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